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"D'habitude" poem by MOIRA EGAN, U.S.A. - Italy. "Cactus of the Heart", Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U.S.A.

18 Giugno 2012, 19:15pm

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“God, humans are creatures of habit,”

I say to no one particular,

myself, the man who calls himself my

lover, behind me in the next room.


The way we laugh when we hit the switch

knowing there’s no electricity,

or turn the faucet to wash our hands

anyway, plumber downstairs, no flow.


Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get

what you’ve always gotten. This is our

homily these days, and I believe

it. God, humans, creatures, here we


sit in the cosmic chain of being,

him in the next room, me at my work.

He is reading, quietly, poems

that make him moan. This is sweet because


they are my own. He, of course, is not.

There is a woman some miles away

who yet is here with us, a corner

of the room and our consciences just


for her. Seems I’ve always been the third

angle of the triangle, the heart-

shaped chaos created by a yes

born of a no. And what I now know


is I want him alone, the slow moan

mine, no more shadowed eyes peering

from corners, through blinds. Do what I’ve done

always? always, I’ll trace clandestine skin.


—Moira Egan

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"The Astronomer for Michael Benedikt" poem by LAURA BOSS, U.S.A. - Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U. S. A.

8 Giugno 2012, 05:24am

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                                           The Moment Light Begins  after El Greco (St. Jerome)  -  copyright Adel Gorgy


Link:  http://www.adelgorgy.com/


"Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadside"



             for Michael Benedikt


At 13, you traveled from one junior high to another reading your paper on astronomy

that caused your teachers to want other students in the City to hear your  paper they considered so brilliant from someone your age, or any age—

You tell me this after lovemaking years later, tell me that giving that “lecture” gave

you even more pleasure than  reading your poems at the Library of Congress


Tonight, five months after your death that I am still recovering from

(and obviously you never will),

I look at the night sky and wonder, my love, if your inquisitive spirit

is soaring through the planets like the mind astronaut you always were


—Laura Boss


Link: http://www.poetryvlog.com/lboss_bio.html


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