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Kodály Nursery Ryhmes - image by Cecilia du Toit, Namibia

23 Novembre 2013, 14:47pm

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SUNP0094--800x600-.jpgImage by: Cecilia du Toit  






SONG: One bird flying high two fish swimming by here we sit and watch the river and the summer sky


by  Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer.


Violinist Heinz Czech has composed a  kind of a duet on the piano  for the song.


Image and Music are proposed by Cecilia du Toit and Heinz Czech.


The Kodály Method, also referred to as the Kodály Concept, is an approach to music education developed in Hungary during the mid-twentieth century by Zoltán Kodály.

It is a method used in Kodaly Academy (GB) and is meant for Nursery Schools children in order to develop their rhythm for music and singing ability.





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"Lorenzo Dancing" painting by Funtears, Chicago - USA. "In the Blue" poem by Agneta Falk, San Francisco - USA

23 Novembre 2013, 07:46am

Pubblicato da immagine.poesia.over-blog.it



Link: http://funtears1.wix.com/naqeesart




I see the world

when I close my eyes

when I listen in the blue.

I hear a voice which has lived

in the blue so long that it contains

all memories, all mistakes, all fantasies.

A voice in zero, where it’s quiet

so quiet that I can hear all names

in one name, where the blue flame licks

this name to a burning whisper,

the voice that lifts you from inside

takes you out to sea

where a thunderstorm is building

and brings you back over the still water,

the voice that goes

where nobody else dares.

That voice burns in me,

in the blue.





(courtesy of the author)

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