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"Swan Song" by Miriam Margala and Deron Zambruno, USA

20 Ottobre 2014, 06:11am

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Swan Song


Their swan song rang out from the start…

Slowly, patiently,

Enticing with sweet words

He conducts the feverish symphony

His golden baton laden with honey

Luring the graceful swan

Who until then had been drifting

Lost in her own music,

In her own pond – her own world

Of melody and peace.


But the conductor wields his slathered baton

The swan song rings true.


The harmony is pleasing, unceasing

Like a siren – a male siren

Calling out to her, the swan

With the supple curve of her long neck,

Proud in her domain

In her beloved realm,

Shifting the smooth surface of her pond

The calm waters of trust and satisfaction

Storms and wild swells she must navigate now

But the music promises secrets uncharted

Untasted pleasures to partake in

The conductor – inscrutable and wise,

Sings his song and insists, comforts

The swan’s every qualm and question.


The maestro wields his glistening baton

The swan song resonates.


The waves lull her

The song seduces her

Never mind the churning waters

Or his smile scored on empty bars.

The time comes for the swan to hold the baton

The time comes for the swan to taste the sweet nectar.

She forgets that honey is thicker than water

Greedily – she’s drunk all that he has offered

Luscious. Sensuous. Sultry. Succulent.

Every drop – a hot wax seal

Suffocating but so very tempting.


Unknowingly, the swan has started to sink

And the music has begun to lose its sweetness –

The baton so fierce and final without the honey

Still, the swan song carries.


Too close to the depths now

Sinking deeper – she looks for their silhouette

But the swan can see only the shadow of herself,

In panic she searches – but he cannot be found

The meter, the melody – a relentless refrain

She cries for calm waters

For peace, tranquility and solitude

And the world she once knew.


The swan song recedes

The conductor is gone.

The quiet dreadful and heavy

The once-flowing honey now all consumed.


Who has been the siren?

Who has been the listener?

What has been gained?

What has been lost?

The music has stopped.


Miriam Margala

Deron Zambruno





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Critical Review of IMMAGINE & POESIA by Allen Jacobs MA, Professor of English Literature, Wales - G.B.

17 Ottobre 2014, 16:53pm

Pubblicato da immagine.poesia.over-blog.it

  • Allen-Jacobs.jpg
  • "Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress" by Lidia Chiarelli

    New York - Cross-Cultural Communications 2013



    'The abstract of a poetic rendering placed next to visual art is a concept that is well established. Lidia Chiarelli offers us a collection of her poems and the visual art of her family and friends.

    Her quiet personality bubbles through her gentle encounters with an evening sky, memories of her father, the scents in the garden, the rhythm of rain, splinters of light in a timeless world, the whirling lights in Times Square and Coney Island - as a striking contrast to the Gianpiero Actis' paintings and the creative photography of Alessandro Actis.


    Her endearing experiences with Nature :

    winds, leaves, water, mist


    Her inclusion of the poetic thoughts of other poets :

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson,

    Walt Whitman


    Her spatial structure of her words on the page

    give all readers a wrap around experience that begs further appreciation through many repeated readings.'


    October 2014


    link http://www.amazon.com/Immagine-Poesia-The-Movement-Progress/dp/0893049948


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8 Ottobre 2014, 05:14am

Pubblicato da immagine.poesia.over-blog.it

Poems-GIFT-CANADA.jpgLidia Chiarelli’s  poem “The Polyglot Sea” chosen as a “Gift Poem” at the 4th World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival


Canada Display of books

       "IMMAGINE & POESIA - The Movement in Progress" on display at CANADA POETRY FESTIVAL


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