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Maria Mistroti (Greece): Selected Poems

27 Giugno 2022, 04:44am

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Wind and Navigator
''We sat down and the wind and the helms man made straight the course''
                                                                                    [ Odyssey, l, verse 10-11 }
The sea is not always calm
The ship is not always strong 
Deep wound what we love
The horizons of the least light I detect 
The long journey of dangers I continue
The night has moved on...
someday we will talk 
about trains which did not leave letters
about ships which lost the desire for return
Or even
about the young night watchman 
who insists on whistling 
when the dusk loots the day
We stayed for nights
in the country of Phaeacians
in suspicions of light
we searched shapes of lonely shapes
Now, where will you find me 
to take your silence in my veins
In Ionia you sang Homer
you collected sky in your veins 
a gift for Metapontum,Croton and Syracuse
Two and half thousand years later 
you count the deadlocks 
of the city that loots you
There are times that I think 
the trains of night have never existed
The ones which have ignored 
the small stations, the desperate signals  
and the night watchmen with the bent shoulders
as I also think 
that perhaps we have never traveled together 
from Ionia to Taranto and Croton.
In the pages of history 
I spell your will 
your conjecture and your passion
I seek the levers and the causality
The light sleeps deeply 
in the hands of the night 
Maria Mistrioti 

Maria Mistrioti is a Greek poetess, who lives in Chalkida of Evia, Greece.

She is mainly inspired by the Homeric Odyssey. She has published many poetry collections and some literary studies. She is included in Greek and foreign anthologies and her poems have been translated in many languages. Maria Mistrioti  was awarded with special Greek  and International Literary Prizes, like  the HOMER & IANICIUS International and the State Prize –Medal and Special diploma by the Polish Ministry- Of the Culture Prizes-. She is an Organizer of International Poetry Festivals in Greece.

Maria Mistrioti, Greece

Maria Mistrioti, Greece