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Tao Shan: an excellent literary journal in Handan, China

7 Gennaio 2022, 18:15pm

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Tao Shan: an excellent literary journal in Handan, China

Tao Shan magazine was founded in 2013. It’s in charge of Handan writers' Association, sponsored by Handan Guantao County Literary Federation and Writers' Association, and co sponsored by Hebei Yanyi College of Arts. The quarterly journal has four issues throughout the year, and supplements are printed irregularly. So far, 33 issues and more than 100000 copies have been printed and distributed. Tao Shan is an excellent literary journal in Handan. It won the contribution award of Hebei literary journal in 2016, the best local literary journal in China in 2017, and the national famous local journal in 2018. On January 5, 2022, James Tian (田宇) was employed as the editor in chief of the International Edition. He’ll cooperate with the president Niu Lanxue to establish the international section. In the future, he’ll recommend the works of 80 different poets every year. List of the works of international poets published in the first issue of 2022 (to be published in April ,2022)

法赫丁·胡(Fahredin Shehu

 洛弗林·P·Lovelyn P. Eyo

 塞尔·沙伊努罗维·利莫夫(Марсель Шайнурович САЛИМОВ 伊登·索里亚诺·特立尼Eden Soriano Trinidad

 拉格迪·米特普洛(Smaragdi Mitropoulou

 莉迪·雷利(Lidia Chiarelli

安特耶·斯特恩(Antje Stehn

 利娜·玛丽亚·布加伊斯卡·沃卡(Ewelina Maria Bugajska Javorka

 潘胡里·辛哈(Pankhuri Sinha

 ·皮奇Claudia Piccinno

 安娜·史翠嘉(Ana Stjelja

 米歇拉·萨纳雷拉(Michela Zanarella

西拉·特拉帕佐(Lucilla Trapazzo

 ·格里戈里耶夫娜·涅娃(Елена Григорьевна Ананьева

克桑西·洪德·尔(Xanthi Hondrou-Hill

 阿布杜卡赫·科西莫夫(Abdukakhor Kosimov

 伊娃·彼得·伊(Eva Petropoulou Lianoy

 尔加·列瓦德娜Ольга Левадная

比索·娜塔莉(Bisso Natalie

 ··卡尼Sabrina De Canio





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