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"I Chase, always" poem by Amita Sanghvi, Oman. Painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

5 Dicembre 2020, 17:55pm

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I Chase, Always.....


The bird hardly perches,

The welcoming wave recedes,

The breeze never halts,

Can't catch the sunbeams.


The fortnightly visitor silver,

Behind the clouded skies

 Plays hide and seek.




Stretching my hand,

I chase, always.


Amita Sanghvi



Io sono sempre in cerca ...


L'uccello si posa a stento,

L'onda di benvenuto si allontana,

La brezza non si ferma mai

Non riesco a prendere i raggi del sole.


L'argenteo visitatore quindicinale 

Dietro i cieli nuvolosi

Gioca a nascondino.


A mani vuote,

Piena di speranza,

Allungo la mia mano

Io sono in cerca, sempre.

(Italian translation by Lidia Chiarelli)


"The fortnightly visitor silver" - MOON, painting by Gianpiero Actis

"The fortnightly visitor silver" - MOON, painting by Gianpiero Actis


Amita Sanghvi teaches at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat. She holds an MA, B.ed MPHIL in English  Literature, Univ of Mumbai and MA in TESOL from Lancaster University, UK. She has presented academic  papers in USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman and India. 

Her first book of poetry, Lavender Memories was launched at the Indian Embassy Oman in 2018. She is  honoured as the Ambassador of Poetry to Oman by World Poetry Canada. Find more on: 


Recently she has edited an Anthology of Artworks, World Poetry Peaceathon alongwith Ariadne Sawyer,  Richard Doiron and Katherine L Gordon