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April 25 2014: Open Air Painting Day at Villa Pompeo Mariani, Bordighera

28 Aprile 2014, 06:30am

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                 Painters and writers in the garden of Villa Pompeo Mariani, Bordighera

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Article in Malayalam language - R GOPAKUMAR - April 2014

19 Aprile 2014, 15:17pm

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17 APRIL 2014-   Newspaper: 4 PM News, Bahrain (Bahrain News) -  http://www.4pmnews.com/


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"IMMAGINE & POESIA" for sale in Torino

16 Aprile 2014, 17:33pm

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                                                              Shopwindow of Libreria Dante Alighieri, Torino




                                                             Shopwindow of La Torre di Abele, bookstore in Torino

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"IMMAGINE & POESIA": the book on show at the POETS HOUSE, NYC, April 12, 2014

14 Aprile 2014, 12:26pm

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 I&P book at the POETS' HOUSE

 Date and Time: April 12, 2014, 12 noon Event Location: Elizabeth Kray Hall POETS HOUSE, 10 River Terrace, NYC 10282 Tel: 212/431-7920    


Cross-Cultural Communications 

and Korean Expatriate Literature  


celebrate the publication Bridging the Waters: An International Bilingual Poetry Anthology (Korean, American, Other) (2013), as part of a celebration of Korean poetry in exchange with poets from all parts of the world.


Stanley Barkan at the POETS' HOUSE

Stanley H. Barkan, editor of "IMMAGINE & POESIA - The Movement in Progress"  at the POETS HOUSE, NYC

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"IMMAGINE & POESIA": book acquisition in Libraries - 2 -

10 Aprile 2014, 05:53am

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Misako Chida

                                            Misako Chida in front of Dalian Library, China






Dalian Library 

7 Changbai St

Xigang, Dalian, Liaoning, China







                            The Librarian at Dalian Library, China

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"IMMAGINE & POESIA": book acquisition in Libraries

8 Aprile 2014, 14:13pm

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The librarian of "Biblioteca Popular" - La Paz Entre Ríos, Argentin
Libraries: book acquisition
"Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress" has been acquired by these Libraries:



La Paz Entre Ríos 


Biblioteca Popular -La Paz Entre Ríos 










- Biblioteca d'Arte

   della Fondazione Torino Musei, GAM, v. Magenta 31




Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino

   Piazza Carlo Alberto 3 Torino



Biblioteca Centrale, v. della Cittadella 5





Bardonecchia (To): Biblioteca Civica, V.le Bramafam 17




San Remo (Im): Biblioteca Civica, v. Carli 1







Årjängs Folkbibliotek, Claras gränd 1b

Box 903
672 29 Årjäng, Sweden




United Kingdom



Aberystwyth-Ceredigion: -The National Library of Wales






New York: The New York Public Library, 11 West 40th street



Oakland: Oakland Public Library, 2 Municipal Plaza, NJ 07436



Ithaca (New York): Tompkins County Public Library, 101 East Green street



San José  Public Library (California): King Library - Brandenburg Browsing Center; Cruz Alumn Rock, Market Place



Yarmouth, Maine: Merrill  Memorial Library, 215 Main street



Urbana: University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1408 W. Gregory Dr.





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"The Eagle and the Wasp" by Ignazio Apolloni, Palermo, Italy

3 Aprile 2014, 16:32pm

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eagle.jpgwasp.jpgTHE EAGLE AND THE WASP





A wasp is looking for something to eat or to punch. Only if nothing is found of this sort she might turn to a baby, knowing how they can’t defend themselves. Just right now a little girl is coming where the wasp lies in wait covered by leaves, ready to jump. The poor girl can’t imagine what might happen in a while, didn’t she have with her a net, but fortunately so it is; the net is in her hand.

Now we have an angry wasp on one side and almost a baby girl on the other: each of them unaware of what will be the final conclusion of the story.

Chances are that the insect might punch or bite the girl with the net. Of course the story-teller is inclined for the contrary. When the tragedy is going to take place an eagle appears in the sky. This is sufficient to discourage the wasp who all of a sudden goes off like a shot.

When back home, the baby said it was the fear of the net to avoid the bite or the punch. The truth is different and the reader is aware of what it is.



                                                                       Ignazio Apolloni



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